Types of manual wheelchair and which one to choose?

Types of manual wheelchair and which one to choose?

Are you looking for a wheelchair online that fits your needs or for your loved ones? Don’t worry, we have got your back. We understand wheelchair hunting can be a tiresome process. There are hundreds of wheelchairs available online, all with different specifications and for different needs.

We can narrow down the choices to make your purchasing process easier. You can also email us your mobility challenges so we can pick the right wheelchair for you. We also offer free demos all over the UAE.

Manual Wheelchair in UAE

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Let’s take a quick look at the types of manual wheelchair:

Standard Manual Wheelchair in UAE

1. Standard Wheelchair

    The standard wheelchairs are the most frequently used wheelchairs.

    A standard wheelchair comes with big wheels (20-26”) and rims that lets the person push the wheels easily to maneuver around the place. It also comes with handles at the back, in case an attendant is needed to push the wheelchair or to control it. These wheelchairs are durable and last long, most used in hospitals where it is needed for everyday use. They are not built to be light (36lbs and up), as they are made of hard metal.

    Lightweight wheelchair in UAE

    2. Lightweight Wheelchair

      The lightweight wheelchairs are an upgrade to the standard wheelchair. As the name suggests they are made of lightweight metal (30-36lbs) and mostly used outdoors where you can pack and lift it in the vehicle. Lightweight wheelchairs are generally equipped with removable and adjustable components.

      3. Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair

      These ultra-lightweight wheelchairs have ergonomic design, have more maneuverability and are easier to use. It weighs less than 30lbs and are the lightest manual wheelchairs which are highly customizable to suit individual needs. It is great in performance, features and has a durable frame.

      Transport wheelchair in UAE

      4. Transport Wheelchairs

      The transport wheelchairs do not have self-propelling big wheels because when in transport, someone must push you and for this very specific reason it has small wheels that are perfectly suited for turning in small areas. They come in a variety of sizes and models, but an attendant is a must for all the models. It Is an ideal choice for a user that doesn’t have the strength to push the big wheels.

      Still not sure which one to choose? just email us your mobility challenges and we can help you find the right wheelchair for your special needs.

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