Power Wheelchairs! Which one is best for you?

Power Wheelchairs! Which one is best for you?

Power wheelchairs also known as electric wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs, became life changing for people of determination.

This advanced electric wheelchair can assist a person with the help of a joystick, without requiring upper body strength.

People who are unable to walk due to temporary or permanent illness can benefit greatly from powered wheelchairs. Power wheelchairs are a motorized device that doesn’t need external or manual power to perform. It is highly recommended when someone has to cover long distances. 

These are easy to control and come with brilliant features that result in smooth performance, indoor as well as outdoor.

Looking for a power wheelchair in UAE that fits your needs? look nowhere else! We have experts that can recommend the right powered wheelchair as per your mobility challenges. 

Feel free to email us your mobility challenges. We also provide free demo all over UAE

Type of Power Wheelchair in UAE

1. Front Wheel Power Wheelchair

These wheelchairs are powered by front driving wheels. It can easily go over curbs and bumps upto 2 inches. These front wheel power chairs provide a smooth ride, as there are only 4 wheels on the ground so you can feel the surface changes quite less than a six-wheel power chair. They are good for climbing the obstacles and the alternative control features make it way easier for people to operate and it's just a matter of getting used to it.

2. Rear Wheel Power Wheelchair

Rear wheel powered wheelchairs have four wheels, two large wheels at back and two front casters to maintain the stability. Since all power comes from the back it gets a better power shift from the motors, helping users to drive through mud or gravel easily. These power chairs are good in absorbing shocks but as the technology got advanced, these rear wheel power chairs have become less popular. The biggest reason is having a big turning radius as compared to the front and mid wheel power chairs. It is not the best choice if you want to use it in an apartment, café or shop.

3. Mid Wheel Power Wheelchair

Mid wheel power wheelchairs are very easy to use, turn and maneuver for people who are using power wheelchairs for the first time. Its 360-degree turning radius makes it beneficial for small and tight places. The casters in the front and back make sure the chair won't tip and with the user's center of gravity directly on the driving wheels, it gives excellent stability. It is an ideal choice if you have to use it in tighter places.

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