Pediatric Wheelchair

Pediatric Wheelchair

What is a pediatric wheelchair?

A pediatric wheelchair is a wheelchair specifically designed to be used by children. Pediatric wheelchairs are comparatively smaller than adults’ wheelchairs and specially designed for children of different ages as an amazing mobility solution.

Why do children use a pediatric wheelchair?

Children who are unable to walk and perform their daily living activities use a pediatric wheelchair to live an active life. Pediatric wheelchairs can be used at home, in schools, and for outdoor activities as well. A pediatric wheelchair gives great freedom of movement to the children who cannot walk or have difficulty walking, which is not possible for them without having a pediatric wheelchair.

How many types of pediatric wheelchairs are there?

  1. Manual wheelchairs:

Manual wheelchairs are available in several types and styles for children. Most are propelled using arm strength while some chairs are designed to be propelled using leg strength.

  1. Small child wheelchairs:

Small child wheelchairs are generally designed for under six years of age, or those with similar height and weight who are not growing so fast. These pediatric wheelchairs are smaller than others.

  1. Growing chairs for juniors:

Junior chairs for growing children are specially designed for children ages six years and above to meet the needs of children as they change and grow. Replacing a chair for a growing child is not an easy task that’s why this type of pediatric wheelchair has growth kits that allow adjustments to be made in the existing chair to fulfill the younger's needs.

  1. Lightweight or sports wheelchairs:

Sports wheelchairs have a lighter weight frame and have folding properties which make transportation and outdoor playing easy for a child. Lightweight or Sports wheelchairs have become increasingly popular as daily use chairs because they offer a sportier appearance and promote independence.

  1. Specialty wheelchair:

Specialty wheelchairs can be designed to be customized according to specific needs. In some cases, these needs are met by special modifications to a basic chair. Specially designed chairs may meet other needs. For instance, a child who needs or wants to stand may be interested in a manual wheelchair equipped with a lift to raise the user to a standing position. Similarly, several offer reclining chairs for those who cannot remain upright for sustained periods or who need to change position regularly without leaving their chair.

  1. Powered wheelchairs:

Another innovation in the pediatric wheelchair is the availability of powered wheelchairs for children. Current research indicates that using these chairs is a benefit in conserving energy and increasing self-esteem for the development of other skills but the important point is, that supervised practice is needed for the children to operate powered chairs safely and successfully as they don’t have enough developed sense to use a powered pediatric wheelchair.

Why would a child need a wheelchair?

Different children have different mobility needs. Pediatric wheelchairs are used for many different reasons which include:

  • Some may have injuries either to their legs or spine, which reduces or stops the leg movement.
  • Some may have pediatric disabilities due to which they cannot maintain their physical balance.
  • Some may have muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy.
  • Some may have an accident or head injury which tends the child to have wheelchairs during the treatment period but don't need to use a wheelchair all the time.

How to choose the right pediatric wheelchair for a child?

Choosing a child wheelchair can be tricky as there are many things you need to take into consideration; here are a few tips, which I hope will be helpful when choosing a child wheelchair. Before buying a pediatric wheelchair the specific needs and factors of the individual child should be considered first like:

  • What is the child's age and health?
  • Does he or she need a lot of physical support just a bit of support is needed?
  • Is he or she very active or lazy?

Each of these considerations will impact what type of pediatric wheelchair is needed and what features the pediatric wheelchair must-have.

Also, consider which type of wheelchair would be best suited for school and any other activities your child participates in. Try to select the pediatric wheelchair which meets your child's needs as fully as possible, while providing them the most mobility they can have. Last but not the least, the most important consideration is that you choose a wheelchair that meets the doctor's specifications.

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