Medical Power Scooter

Medical Power Scooters- A Complete Guide

What is medical power scooter?

Medical power scooter is a mobility aid configured as a motorbike. It is a modified form of power wheelchair operated by a powered battery, which needs the shoulder and upper body strength of the user. These medical power scooters are also referred as power-operated vehicles, mobility scooters, or electric scooters.

A mobility scooter has a comfortable seat over three or four wheels. A flat area is present to place feet. A handlebar in front is used to turn the steerable wheels.

A battery or two is stored onboard and charged via an onboard separate battery charger unit from standard electric power. Gasoline-powered scooters are also available, though they are rapidly being replaced by electric models.

Who is able to use power scooters?

Power scooters are revolutionary for individuals having mobility issues including arthritis, coronary disease, lower body muscle stiffness, leg pain and other health problems  which does not let the person to walk for long distance.

A person should have good shoulder and upper body strength, sight and other required senses, ability to stand, can take few steps and can sit upright without torso support to control the steering tiller.

Since it is the best option for mobility but it’s also important to be aware of the laws associated with using them.

Where the medical power scooters can be used?

Medical power scooters provide great assistance for outdoor journeys either short for a local shop or venture into and around town.

A mobility scooter is likely to be used in public places including pavements. Power scooters can also be used on roads with proper maintenance and required things like indicators, front and backlights, helmets, etc. Usual road laws must be followed in terms of traffic lights, speed limits, and road signs.

 What are the major differences between power scooters and power wheelchairs?

Although there are many differences, the major differences include:

  • The main recognizable feature of power scooters is their appearance which looks like a scooter while power wheelchair looks like a wheelchair.
  • Power scooters are used by people having minor mobility issues while power wheelchairs are used by people having severe mobility issues.
  • Power scooters need an effort to operate as compared to power wheelchairs which need minimum effort as it is controlled by a joystick or touch controls.

What should be considered while making a choice?

Different people have different uses of medical power scooters in terms of place, distance, and how often they use power scooters. Important factors which need to be considered while purchasing a power scooter include:

  • The seat must be comfortable so that long distances can be covered easily.
  • Should have an anti-rollback system to prevent from falling.
  • For regular long-distance use, puncture-proof wheels are also designed.
  • For scooters that need to be transported on vehicles, lightweight power scooters should be selected.
  • The weight and build of the user need to be taken into account while making a choice because different scooters have different weight capabilities to hold.
  • Mobility scooters have a different range of sizes. Selection should be upon the place where it is kept by the user.

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