Introduction to activities of daily living

Introduction to activities of daily living

"Activities of daily living" becomes challenging for elderly and people with physical challenges. Some injuries don't let people perform their active daily living.

Measuring the ability to perform activities of daily living is crucial for the management of healthcare in aging societies. It is very important as it provides an overview of the functional status of the patient, determines activity limitations, establishes a baseline for treatment, estimate hospital stays, and helps with daily living after discharge from the hospital to home.

Some diseases weaken the physical and mental abilities and they get worse over time. In these cases, only symptomatically treatment is given as there is no cure.

There are also aids i.e products, devices, and equipment springing from the latest technology that are designed to perform activities of daily living specially for elders and seniors.

The basic key activities included in ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING are:

PERSONAL GROOMING AND DRESSING: Ability for self-cleanliness includes washing face, brushing teeth, cutting toenails, brushing hair, shaving, bathing, put on and off clothes.

FEEDING: Ability to eat and drink. Using utensils.

WALKING: Ability to walk for specific purposes like walking around the residence, climbing stairs, going to the washroom, or a recreational walk for improving mental health.

TRANSFERRING: Ability to move from bed to chair, from lying to sitting, from chair to toilet, or vice versa. Basically, to move from one position or place to another.

TOILETING: Ability to maintain bowel and bladder continence or use the toilet.

The above-mentioned categories become easier with activities of living aids.

Activities of daily living aids also include self-care and rehab products that assist with vision, hearing, sensory and communication skills.

At you can have healthcare and rehabilitation aids used by the physiotherapists and health caregivers. Health professionals recommend these products for patients to fulfill their daily living tasks and perform activities of daily life. 

Scales that measure basic activities of daily living are the Barthel index, the Katz index of ADLs, the Kenny self-care evaluation, and the pulses profile.


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