Elderly Care

Elderly Care Supplies - Frequently Asked Questions

What does elderly care mean?

To fulfill the special needs and requirements of the seniors to perform their daily tasks of elderly life is called eldercare. The term elder care includes services such as assisted living, home care, nursing care, and hospital care as well but mostly, elderly care is given at home.

What are the elderly care supplies?

The eldercare products help the individual to perform active daily living. As we know that aging causes weakness and slower reflexes due to which any fall or other injury can occur, even in their homes. Elderly care products give great assistance to offer their daily life challenges and secure the senior persons from various losses.

What are the categories of elderly care supplies?

The elderly care supplies provide great assistance to seniors in different categories, including:

Mobility and safety:

Mobility solutions for elderly life, able the elders with independence along with safety. Mobility and safety assisting aids include:

Health monitoring aids:

Health monitoring aids are the most important for elder care and are designed to manage health of senior citizens. There is a variety of health aids for specific medical conditions. Health monitoring aids include:

  • Glucometer
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Nebulizer
  • Hot and cold pads
  • Arthritis Aids
  • Compression clothing
  • Portable oxygen tanks

ADL (activities of daily living) aids:

As for the seniors, daily activities become challenging to perform, and the use of ADL aids makes it easier. These aids may include:

  • Easy wear such as elastic waistbands should be used instead of zippers and buttons.
  • Easy-grip homeware or dinnerware items such as beverage containers, mugs, glasses, and silverware.
  • Non-tied shoes or slippers with anti-slip soles.
  • Grab sticks to make the things in reach.

Bathroom safety:

It is very important to invest in bathroom safety for the elderly life, as the bathroom is the most dangerous part of the home for seniors. The following bathroom safety equipment enhances safety:

  • Grab bars
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Shower benches
  • Non-slip bathroom doormats
  • Slip-resistant shower mats

Exercise equipment:

Exercise is very important for senior’s health. Although there is no need for strenuous exercise, some activities can strengthen muscles and achieve flexibility. For this purpose, following aides can be beneficial.

  • Handheld exercise balls
  • Free weights (arm and leg exercises)
  • Floor pedals
  • Exercise band (adjustable resistance)

Why elderly care supplies are used?

Medical care for the elderly is necessary to provide as the age grows, so the elderly care supplies work as a great assistant to the individual.

How do we know about the special needs of elderly living?

Different elder people have different special needs. A family member or caregivers should keep an eye on the elder persons and determine their unique medical and daily needs.

What are the benefits of using elderly care supplies?

Matching the right elder care product or equipment to the need of your elderly loved ones makes you worry-free and provide ease to their elderly life as age factor have bad impacts on health. Proper use of eldercare products has so many benefits which include: 

  • Provides security.
  • Assist in daily tasks.
  • Use of health aids causes less need of going to hospitals.
  • Gives a great sense of independence.
  • Outdoor activities become easy with the use of mobility aids.
  • Social activities become possible
  • Maintaining cleanliness becomes easy
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